Devour This: Kraft Heinz Frozen Foods Unit Goes Hard-Core

Well, here’s one way to milk your Super Bowl ad investment for all its worth: Have a tie-in to a porn site.

For some reason, that commands a lot attention.

Which no doubt is why Devour, the Kraft Heinz frozen foods unit did just that with a one-day activation on Monday at Pornhub. The Wall Street Journal had the story first earlier today.

The Pornhub activation ties into the brand’s “food porn” campaign leading up to the Super Bowl, where it will advertise for the first time. The brand’s campaign website is full of food-porny material and lots of corny double entendres, like “tastes forking good,” and “we’ve got bowls.”

The KH unit is also trying to get some mileage out of what it says was CBS’ rejection of one version of its Super Bowl ad. You can see the “uncensored” version of the ad on the brand’s site.

“This one-day activation is part of a humorous juxtaposition to highlight the concept of food porn that began with the release of the uncensored 60-second Big Game ad,” Devour told the WSJ.



There didn’t seem to be a lot of blowback to the stunt today.  But I guess the people that would actually take offense probably weren’t tuned in to Pornhub yesterday.  Although you never know.

Yeah, the payoff for the brand here is the earned media.


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