Miller Lite Calls BS On Bud Light Corn Syrup Attack

Miller Lite isn’t taking that Bud Light assault on corn syrup lying down.

Those giant barrels of corn syrup that were being lugged from kingdom to kingdom in the Bud Light Super Bowl ads are used by dozens of brewers. And perhaps more to the point, according to Miller Lite, corn syrup, while used in the making of its and others' brew, doesn’t end up in the final product.

Essentially, it gets fermented out of existence.

According to Miller Lite, which posted a blog on the subject on Monday and a follow-up ad in The New York Times today, Bud Lite uses a similar process.

Miller Lite contends Bud Light basically manufactured a controversy that doesn’t exist.

“What might have gotten a little lost between the parties and wings on Sunday is the distinction between ‘corn syrup’ and high-fructose corn syrup,” the Miller Lite ad in the Times stated. “To be clear, ‘corn syrup’ is a normal part of the brewing process and does not even end up in your great tasting can of Miller Lite.”



“It’s unfortunate that our competitor’s Big Game ad created an unnecessary #controversy,” the NYT ad continued. “However we thank them for starting this conversation on such a big stage because it allows us to clarify the truth and remind beer drinkers that Miller Lite has more taste than Bud Light with fewer calories and half the carbs.”

Kudos to Miller Lite for the brilliant counteroffensive.

It was quick to point out the corn syrup it uses in its brewing process is sourced from “America’s Heartland.” And let’s face it: supporting “America’s Heartland” is a pretty low-risk proposition.

And ML graciously thanked BL for “taking the time and money to point out this exciting fact to such a large national audience not once but twice.”

The king couldn’t be reached for comment. He was too busy mourning his favorite knight.



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    "It's toasted." Don Drapper.

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