Dr. Ruth Helps Planters' Mr. Peanut Dispense V-Day Advice

Planters is continuing Mr. Peanut’s shift toward an edgier, even slightly risqué image, as the brand aims to win over guys with its “wing nut” theme, introduced last year.

For Valentine’s Day, the brand has a humorously sexy twist on the new tagline it debuted in its Super Bowl LIII spot, “Always there for you in crunch time.”

Planters recruited jolly sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer to team with the brand mascot to answer sex and relationship questions for V-Day, “the ultimate crunch time.”

Last week, the brand began promoting “Dr. Ruth’s Crunchtime Hotline” on its Twitter account.

Fans are being encouraged to call in and leave a voicemail, or tweet #AskDrRuth, with their toughest V-Day-related questions, “and she may get back to you.”



Some of her answers are coming in the form of a just-released video (below), in which Mr. Peanut cracks up (silently) as she offers naughty answers to questions from real people.

For TV personality Nick Viall, who asks for gift ideas, she recommends he go to a sex shop, buy a sex toy and wrap it beautifully -- "then see what happens.”

Another answer involves encouraging multiple orgasms when long-distance lovers are able to get together.

Dr. Ruth commences her session by telling Mr. Peanut: “I love your nuts. Everybody loves your nuts.”

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