New B2B Analytics Service Is Designed For Sales Teams

PathFactory is offering a new tool to help B2B marketers engage customers in multiple channels, the company announced on Thursday. 

The objective is to help B2B brands “answer the questions that have plagued them since the dawn of marketing automation," says Mark Opauszky, CEO of PathFactory.

Path Analytics provides what PathFactory says is immediate data about buyer consumption of content in every channel. This, it argues, beats traditional metrics like clicks and form fills. 

In addition, PathFactory for Sales can show when clients are ready to buy inside of their CRM, enabling brands to prioritize account outreach, it says.

This provides insights into a prospect’ readiness to buy so that salespeople can email or call them and move them along the funnel, the company clams.

PathFactory contends that at most firms, scoring and qualifying leads is a “black box.”



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