Hulu Ad Allows Viewers To Request Promo Emails

Sleep Number, a brand that offers a bed with an adjustable mattress, is running a commercial on Hulu that invites viewer to request a promotional email.

The emails are being sent to the email address on file with Hulu, according to Variety.  

Interactive ad company BrightLine helped create the ad.

The campaign fits into a growing effort by Hulu to allow users to respond to commercials, the report says. For example, they could perform such tasks as scheduling test drives, subscribing to a newsletter, making travel arrangements and requesting coupons.

It's not clear what the mechanism would be for delivering the emails. 

“We continue to train the audience that spots are going to be interactive,” says Peter Naylor, senior vice president of advertising sales for Hulu, according to Variety.

According to the report, Hulu is using interactive technology employed earlier by Cablevision.

Marketing Dive observes: “The ability to tie digital video advertising to email offers, including discounts and product promotions, could help Hulu attract more marketing dollars and drive revenue in a highly competitive streaming market.”




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