Is Every Company A Media Company?

With content increasingly at the forefront of marketing efforts, two content marketing pros have launched San Francisco-based Every Media Company.

The core premise is that every company is now a media company. Brands need to think more like journalists when developing and executing content strategies.

The pair behind the effort includes former journalist and marketing consultant Tom Foremski and PR veteran Chris Knight, a cofounder of the Divino Group.  

Foremski and Knight have collaborated for more than a decade on content, stories and video for San Francisco Bay Area companies, such as Aiqudo, Cengage Learning, Delphix, Maxtor Corporation and SanDisk.  

“Now that every company is a media company, we’re here to help every media company,” quips Knight. “Organizations of all kinds need to master new media technologies, and communicate in a multiplatform, multichannel and micro-media world.”



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