LiveRamp Extends ID Resolution Product To B2B

LiveRamp has moved beyond the consumer market to offer LiveRamp B2B, an identity resolution platform.

The tool allows B2B marketers to activate first-party data, access appropriate third-party data on a global basis and measure the impact of their efforts, the company says.

LiveRamp B2B is an extension of the firm’s B2C ID resolution service.

One LiveRamp client that has tried the B2B platform is T-Mobile.

The service allows it “better reach and understand our B2B customers in new ways,” states Gavin Warrener, director of B2B marketing of T-Mobile.

Warrener adds that T-Mobile can harness “accurate identity at the professional and account level.”

The product provides an omnichannel view of the B2B customer, facilitating personalized messages to aid them in their professional lives,” LiveRamp claims. It also enables omnichannel B2B onboarding, it adds.

“B2B marketers have historically lacked solutions that enable them to unlock the value of their first-party data and leverage third-party data to power their marketing initiatives, including Account Based Marketing, and measure the results of their marketing spend," states Pieter De Temmerman, COO of LiveRamp B2B.

LiveRamp specializes in omnichannel identity resolution. Last year, it launched a data scoring service in partnership with Lucid. 'It provides clients with measurement based on data from survey respondents available in Lucid’s marketplace.

The company was not included in last year’s $2.3 billion purchase of Acxiom by IPG.

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