Data Reveals Volatility Of Nike Brand, Pre-/Post- Sneaker Explosion

Few brands have experienced the kind of volatility that Nike has recently, but despite some well publicized "hits" -- especially the explosion of NCAA basketball star Zion Williamson's Nike sneakers and subsequent injury during a prime-time game.

"Nike’s Impression score — which asks U.S. adults if they have an overall positive or negative impression of a particular brand — began rising to a high of +44 around NBA All-Star Weekend," writes YouGov Data Products CEO Ted Marzilli, noting: "The number of consumers open to purchasing their next footwear or apparel item from Nike also climbed to a high for the month following NBA All-Star Weekend. On February 15, 31% of US adults expressed interest in buying the brand. Nearly a week later, however, that percentage had increased to 43%."

After Williamson's Nike sneaker mishap, the brand's buzz score — which asks U.S. adults if they have heard something positive or negative about a particular brand in the past two weeks — decreased from +15 to -5, as the number of consumers talking about Nike with friends and family members rose from 21% to 29%, he continues.

While Nike’s Impression and Purchase Consideration metrics also began declining from their monthly highs, Marzilli said YouGov's tracking shows 61% of NBA fans have a positive impression of Nike, compared to 54% of NCAA men’s basketball fans and 51% of the general public.

"In total, 31% of NBA fans say celebrity endorsements can affect their purchase decisions, while the same is true for 29% of NCAA men’s basketball fans and 19% of all US adults," he concluded.

Consumer purchase consideration remains strong, according to some recent tracking from YouGov.

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