BitBounce And Honeypod Partner To Fight Spam

A partnership was announced today that will not please senders of unsolicited marketing emails.

BitBounce, a free email service designed to fight spam, is working with Honeypod, a firm that helps consumers remove ads, to integrate its software within the latter’s dashboard.

The integration will begin in the second quarter of this year.

BitBounce says it declutters inboxes while paying users to receive emails from advertisers or unknown senders. It claims to have 4 million users.

Honeypod provides a device that connects to a router to remove ad and tracking systems from a person’s home network.

"Technologies that prioritize privacy allow all people wherever you are to communicate, transact, live without fear, censorship, reprisal or monitoring," states Honeypod CEO Bryant Maroney.

Honeypod contends that the internet landscape is filled with hidden services that track and monitor consumers’ actions without consent.

Maroney adds, "At the current moment, digital freedoms and privacy stop where the user accesses the internet. No longer should we accept a trade-off between privacy and security.”

He also says that privacy should not be for sale.  


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