WowYow Launches AI Tech, Turns Static Photos Into Ad Opportunities

WowYow has launched a visual AI solution today for publishers and advertisers. The suite is something of a Google Adsense for video and images, creating a global marketplace capable of leveraging visual content.

“We knew that in order for a solution to be adopted across an entire industry of publishers and advertisers, it had to be built for scale from the beginning,” said Jarett Boskovich, cofounder-Chief Marketing Officer at WowYow. “That’s when we identified the need for an AI-based solution.”

The tools come during a high point for the image recognition market, which is expected to reach a value of $77.69 billion by 2025.

WowYow’s new suite of products, called Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Images, is automated and uses AI to analyze every image on a page through four key computer-science fields. They include computer vision, artificial intelligence, visual search and visual augmentation to identify and index everything seen.



The tools then create metadata and generating ad inventory, unlocking the image’s searchability, marketability and profitability.

Boskovich said: “We wanted to focus on nonbranded content, because that’s where the attention is online.

"We knew that if we unlocked video and images for audiences to explore, discover and shop their favorite content, that brands and the advertising community would instantly see the value in connecting to hyper-targeted and engaged audiences.”

On average, WowYow reports engagement rates that perform 500 times better than other monetization solutions and high-than-industry-standard click-through rates of 8.5% (based on 2018 numbers).

By implementing AI for Images, advertisers can launch campaigns and deliver ads in five formats: visual search, call to action buttons, banner overlays, video overlays and fully immersive experiences.
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