Consumers Look To Friends, Family For Smart Home Device Recommendations

As consumers gravitate to even more smart-home devices, the recommendations of others on what to buy are key.

With more smart-home solutions relying on voice control, sound recognition and various forms of artificial intelligence, U.S. broadband households now own more than 10 connected devices, according to new research from Parks Associates.

Smart-home device owners also want their connected things to play well with each other, with 75% of consumers who intend to purchase a device in the next year saying the ability for that device to work well with other devices in an important factor in their purchase decision.

Of those who own a smart-home device or a smart speaker, the top reasons for buying a particular brand is the recommendations by family or friends, according to the Parks study. Here are the top reasons for purchasing:

  • 27% -- Brand was recommended by family or friend
  • 24% -- Brand was recommended in online reviews
  • 23% -- Liked the specific product features offered over other brands
  • 23% -- Trust the brand more than others
  • 22% -- More familiar with brand
  • 21% -- Had a good experience with other products of the same brand



As more consumers obtain smart-home devices, even more recommendations will be flooding the market.

The market itself will determine and promote the devices that work best.

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