TalkTalk Email Service Reported Down In The UK

Broadband provider TalkTalk has experienced an email outage in the UK, starting Friday morning.

Downdetector reports that of hundreds of complaints coming in, 47% are related to the internet, 43% to email and 9% to lack of network reception.

Users are not happy with the lapse in service.

One writes: “Spent two hours on Talktalk chat today to resolve no access to my e mail service. Had to log off eventually without any solution. The "advisor" Seemed more concerned with selling me a fibre upgraded router than solving my e mail problems. Still no service 15.00.”      

Another writes: “Everything working fine now. Thank you.”

However, that was met by this comment from another user: “lucky you! We are still in the dark here in Epsom!”

The outages are especially heavy in London and urban areas in Scotland.

TalkTalk has put out this statement: “We're aware that some TalkTalk webmail customers are currently having issues accessing their emails. We are investigating and aim to resolve as soon as possible.”



Meanwhile, a TalkTalk social team member named Andy posts: ”We are still looking into the issues with accessing your email services at the moment. We understand your frustration at this and are working to get this back up and running ASAP."

He advises: "In the meantime, updates can be found on our Service Status Dashboard online.”

The incident has drawn some scathing commentary in the media.

“TalkTalk's email service clearly had a big night out on Thursday and has spent Friday morning lying down in a darkened room,” the Register writes.

The headline says: "Now that's service: TalkTalk customers enjoy a Friday morning free of pesky emails," followed by, "The day has a 'y' in it – must be time for an outage."





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