What 'Black Panther' Did For Lexus And Vice Versa

Every time Marvel Studios announced anything about its “Black Panther” film, social media went crazy, Ayiko Broyard, EVP Group Account Director at Walton Isaacson, told the audience at MediaPost’s Marketing:Automotive conference on Wednesday. Still, at the movie’s premiere, agency execs in the audience were unclear how it would be received. 

“And then there were people saying, ‘Oh, my god, this is a good movie!’ There were so many moments that actually connected back to Lexus ideology.” 

Broyard said that, initially, Lexus’ involvement with the movie was about product placement. But as the agency put together a plan for the next year, it was suggested that it could make “Black Panther” its big idea. “We put ideas on the table grounded in strategy and targeted consumers,” including the black consumer, fashion mavens, comic book fans and those who like cars.

She also revealed a little-known fact: Lexus was included in a 1989 “Black Panther” comic book. Granted, the car was a Ford, but the logo read Lexus.

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