420 Reasons To Target Cannabis Users Vs. CBD Users

is the highest-indexing magazine among cannabis users -- people who smoke, vape or ingest it for recreational use -- while AARP: The Magazine is dominant among people who use the hemp derivative CBD for health and wellness reasons.

These are some of the media consumption indexes being published today by Research Intelligencer in recognition of 420 (or April 20, which is actually tomorrow, but we don't publish on Saturdays).

The data, which was provided courtesy of MRI-Simmons from their 2019 National Cannabis Study, is the first developed explicitly for media planners and advertisers seeking to target cannabis and CBD users.

MRI recently published research revealing that they are very distinct markets, and in an op-ed also published today by MRI-Simmons' Michael Panebianco.



As the magazine readership data reveals, they are indeed very different media-planning targets.

The data below shows how cannabis and CBD users index in terms of overall media usage. The bar charts below divide each user type into quintiles -- or fifths -- based on how they index in usage of each major medium, from heaviest to lightest users.

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