Remedy Health Media Acquires Vertical Health, Creates Network For Patients, Healthcare Professionals

Remedy Health Media is adding Vertical Health to its stable of brands, creating a network of brands and partnerships that serve both patients and healthcare professionals through an acquisition announced this week.

The ability to reach both patients and professionals makes Remedy Health’s lineup particularly attractive to pharmaceutical and medical marketing partners. 

Vertical Health taps topics like diabetes, mental health, back pain and pain management through its various brands: EndocrineWebOnTrackDiabetesPsyComSpine Universe and Practical Pain Management.

Its lineup of content joins Remedy Health’s other brands, including HealthCentral, point-of-care outlet HealthCentral Guides, HIV and AIDS publications TheBody and TheBodyPro and BerkeleyWellness, published through a partnership with the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health.



Remedy Health reports the user tally for the two networks totaled 43.5 million in March, according to Comscore. The two networks O&O was 12.1 million during the same month.

Michael Cunnion, CEO of Remedy, noted the high standards and quality of Vertical Health, along with rigorous reporting and its respected medical review board. Many of its publications were started by physicians.

“Their portfolio will also provide us with unmatched condition-specific depth and accelerate our mission to serve these audiences in powerful ways,” Cunnion stated.

Remedy is owned by New York-based private equity fund Topspin Partners.
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