GateHouse Media Undergoes Second Layoff Round In 2019, 'W' Nears Sale

GateHouse Media has undergone its second round of layoffs this year, with nearly 100 people getting cut from the local newspaper publisher.

According to Business Insider,this round hits at least 37 local newsrooms.

The company let go of at least 60 people in January and February. GateHouse owns 156 daily newspapers and 364 community publications in 39 states.

"We have layoffs and new hires that you would expect with a company of 11,000 employees," Mike Reed, CEO of GateHouse's parent company New Media Investment Group, told Business Insider.

"We're trying to reallocate expenses and resources from non-sales and non-content producing places and put those resources and expenses into producing more content and more sales, which would put us in a better position for long-term success,” he said.



Reed ownplayed the cuts to Poynter, too, adding a "couple of hundred” cuts would include staff being offered other jobs at the company. The downsize number was “more like 10," he said.

But GateHouse CEO Kirk Davis noted "sizable reductions to staff" in a memo to employees, calling it a "painful reality."
Over 2,700 people have lost their jobs in the media industry in 2019.

Separately, New York Post is reporting Condé Nast is nearing a deal to offload fashion magazine W, after nearly nine months spent on the chopping block.

Surface Media, which publishes a quarterly design and architecture magazine, is said to be close to finalizing a deal for around $7 million.

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