New SMS Tool Allows Inbound And Outbound Political Messaging is offering an outbound SMS platform for use by political campaigns that it says is compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). 

Email remains the dominant channel for political fundraising and reaching out to constituencies, but SMS has been growing in use.

The tool, available on’s omnichannel marketing platform, can be used for dynamic surveys, video messaging, tracking links, variable fields, auto-reply and rich communication service interactions. It also comes with a dashboard.

In addition, it facilitates inbound and outbound messaging, and allows voters to answer polls directly through SMS.

"Being able to survey people through SMS is a game changer for political campaigns,” states Mike Paine, chief marketing officer of “Not only can you learn about voters, but it provides a convenient platform for candidates and voters to communicate with each other.”

In creating the product, the company focused on data security, TCPA compliance, deliverability, ease of use and affordability, states Shawn Burst, founder of 




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