Network TV Delivers Most Diversity In Ads

One might think social networks and streaming video content providers stand as the mecca for diversity in advertising, but network TV is the medium consumers say delivers the most diversity in ads, according to an Adobe report.

More than four in 10 consumers (43%) cite TV networks, versus 20% who claim diversity is more prevalent across social media, 16% who say basic cable, 13% who say streaming and 9% who cite digital ads.

The brands associated and recognized for their diversity efforts are Nike (34%), Coca-Cola (32%), Google (29%), Apple (25%) and Dove (20%).

There is also a correlation between video subscription services and those who believe “streaming” is a diverse ad medium.

The LGBTQ+ community is one of the heaviest subscribers to video content, with 48% having one to two providers and 29% having at least three subscriptions.

Overall, 50% U.S. consumers have one to two services and 15% have three-plus services. One in three acknowledge they do not have any streaming services.



In addition, consumers see white as the most portrayed race/ethnicity in ads (59%), and males as the most portrayed gender. Similarly, nearly three in four whites (74%) believe their race/ethnicity is represented in the ads they are served, compared to 26% of blacks and 10% of Hispanic/Latinos who express similar views about ad representation.

Those who ignore inclusion may be putting their brands at risk.

More than half of LGBTQ+ (58%) and blacks (53%) have stopped supporting or purchasing brands due to non-representation or misrepresentation. So have 40% of Hispanic and 38% of Middle Eastern consumers.

Most Americans believe in supporting diversity in advertising. One in three are more likely to purchase products/services from brands with diverse advertising, while 38% are more likely to trust a more diverse brand.

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