What A Cut-up: Demographic Insight Leads To AR Solution

Laston Charriez, head of marketing at Pilgrim's Pride, will make a presentation at our Brand Insider Summit CPG Aug. 18 - 21. We caught up with him in Denver. 

Q: Your Just Bare chicken brand was just listed in Publix and is growing fast. What's the latest innovation?

A: We've expanded the brand to rotisserie. Our target persona likes our all-natural, no-antibiotics-ever chicken. She says she would rather add her own seasoning than we add stuff. We're successful with older Millennials. Not so much with younger Millennials and Gen Zs.

Q: Is it because many of them are vegetarian? Do they think rotisserie chicken can't be organic?

A: No, no! It's very simple. They don't know how to cut it. Young Millennials can't carve a chicken; they have not been taught how to do it. So we created a QR code and put it on the sleeve of our Just Bare chicken. They can scan it right in the store and learn.

Q: Is that it? They learn how to carve?

A: They learn more. Our augmented reality has four chapters in 3D, the same feeling as Pokémon Go, which is familiar to them. First, we show how to cut up the chicken. Chapters 2 and 3 address their concern with food waste: Easy recipes done in AR so they can see how to use leftovers. And, finally, Gen Zs are intent on utilizing the whole bird so we show them how to make broth.

We have only had it for 90 days so it's early but it is growing by world of mouth.

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