Direct Auto Campaign Features Wayward Celebs, Second Chances

Direct Auto Insurance is featuring wayward celebrities Fat Joe, Johnny Manziel, and Tonya Harding in a new campaign about second chances. The campaign is part of a broader rebranding effort by the company.

The "Get Direct & Get Going" creative, developed with Pereira O’Dell, spotlights these specific celebrities and their respective challenges to underscore the need for a fresh start.

Fat Joe brings up past financial issues to relate to a customer who has concerns about being able to afford insurance. Johnny Manziel addresses a mean quote said about him on social media, while Tonya Harding admits past mistakes and notes how the company saw past that in making her a spokesperson. 

Sample the work here.

The broader rebrand also includes a logo redesign, color palette update, store redesign, and new audio mnemonic in broadcast elements.




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