Evergage Launches Data Warehouse

Evergage has introduced a data warehouse that it says can help firms track behavior across email, website, web and mobile apps and other channels.

The objective is to help brands “perform customized queries and more detailed analyses,” states Evergage CEO Karl Wirth.

According to the company, brands can use the Data Warehouse to:

  • Access customer and product data in the Evergage CDP
  • Analyze catalog data by products/and or content, and access transactional data, including downloads, online and offline purchase and adds-to-cart
  • Use a BI tool of the client’s choosing

Run queries to report and visualize the information.

Data from existing systems — CRM, marketing automation, point-of-sale — are stored in what Evergage calls a Unified Customer Profile. Included are digital interactions, engagement patterns, preferences, intent, purchases, referring source, browser, geolocation, survey responses and weather, the firm says.

One client, Invaluable, uses the product to drive campaigns. "By feeding behavioral and geographic traffic data from Evergage's Data Warehouse into our BI tool Looker, we can easily craft highly customized email campaigns aimed at users who will be the most receptive to them,” states Peter Lehar, business intelligence manager at Invaluable.




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