AdTech 2.0 - Building Experiences, Not Stacks

In order to create a more holistic view for the consumer, T-Mobile has taken another look at its tech ecosystem, and is working to solve for the impact that those things have on the consumer experience. 

Evan Barocas, Director, Media Operations at T-Mobile, told Thursday's Data & Programmatic Insider Summit, the brand has three principles its uses to evaluate efficacy:

1. Simplicity and transparency. "Ad tech partners should help you simplify the complex ecosystem," he said. "If we didn't know how partners using our dollars, not in control of the customer experience."

2. Relationships are essential. "The next phase of ad tech will be built by relationships not by solutions," said Barocas. "How well they foster ad tech solutions, how well they are passing data between each other. If we don't have right relationships in place, we are not in control of the customer experience."

3. Consumer-conscious, data-informed decision-making. "The ability to actuate in a deterministic way is very challenging. Data has to inform, not drive, decision making. If we let data drive it, we start investing in things we know we shouldn't be."

Barocas, who was joined on stage by Kellie Keehr, Sr. Manager, AdTech & Platforms, T-Mobile, said they are asking all their internal partners, from legal to creative: How should someone feel when they experience our advertising? Are they inspired? Curious? Engaged? Happy? We hope they are not harassed, or violated, or vulnerable.

Then, what does our advertising need to be to create that experience? How to spark, say, curiosity? "That is grounding a lot of our decision making. We have a greater need of relevancy and impactfulness, both of which are reflected in RFP processes."

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