Wild Sky Media Launches Mom.com, Focuses On Mobile Usage


Wild Sky Media, publisher of brands like LittleThingsCafeMomRevelist and MamasLatinas, has launched a new platform called Mom.com.

The new platform will cater to “all things mom,” covering the range of motherhood experiences from conception through college.

Mom.com was designed with mobile usage first in mind to create a fresh, modern experience.

“Based on the insights we collected through our parenting portfolio and our proprietary Kaleidoscope Moms study, we learned that moms overall are looking for a multitude of perspectives to then take those ideas and mash them up into her own solutions,” Emily Smith, president, Wild Sky Media.

“The endless search results and first-person narratives, community boards and social stories create anxiety and take too long to arrive at answers. We sought to make it easier, distilling those scenarios into one easy-to-read platform, built for moms on-the-go.”

The platform will cull its content from more than 24,000 articles from its portfolio of parenting sites. Mom.com plans to add hundreds of new commissioned pieces to answer parenting questions faced by modern moms, such as: “Should I post pictures of my baby on social media?” or “How do I teach my child to be open-minded?”

Eventually, the site plans to include content from verified sources to “fill in the full range of experience we all face as parents today.”

Mom.com uses machine learning with personalization to help users navigate the site more quickly.

Smith said: “Our machine-learning algorithm tracks clicks and interests of the user in order to serve them up the perfect piece of content. This smart content recommendation applies not only to the site experience, but also to email campaigns and push notifications.”

As a result, the Mom.com marketing team can segment audience groups to target special promos, content or surveys to drive further engagement.

Last Monday, the site launched a new format that spotlights views from a group that includes pediatricians, therapists and experienced moms to help moms new to certain situations.

“We know, in most cases, there is no ‘one way’ to solve a problem, and our ‘Perspectives’ format allows users to research a variety of recommendations all in one place,” said Smith. “It’s fast to load, easy to scroll on mobile, written in bite-sized summaries that busy moms can read in a hurry, and affirms our inclusive and judgment-free ethos.”

While the platform doesn’t yet have a sponsor, that was by design. Smith noted the team wanted “be free to time things based on engineering and content deliverables.”

“Our mantra is to build it, prove it out, and then bring along marketing partners who share the same values and beliefs,” Smith said.

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