Analyst Predicts Roku Will Hit 80 Million Subscribers, $4.5 Billion In Revenues By 2025

In six years, Roku, the fast-growing streaming TV player/platform company, will total 80 million subscribers, according to one media analyst.

Ralph Schackart, analyst at William Blair, says by 2025, Roku will also get to $4.5 billion in annual revenue, 90% of which will come from its U.S. business.

Recently, Roku said it reached 30.5 million subscribers, up nearly 40% from the year before. Roku estimates annual revenue this year will climb to around $1 billion.

Schackart wrote that Roku’s growth is trending faster than Netflix's at this point. Netflix currently has 60.1 million U.S. subscribers and 140 million globally.

Earlier this year, Amazon said its Amazon Fire TV streaming platform was also at 30 million subscribers, up from 25 million in October 2018.

Some analysts say Roku’s speedy growth will be driven by its ad-supported network, The Roku Channel. One estimate from eMarketer says Roku will see $433 million in advertising revenue in 2019.



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  1. Bill Hague from Magid, August 28, 2019 at 12:50 p.m.

    Many of our clients comment that Amazon Fire usage is growing at a faster clip than Roku. Did Blair make any projections about AMZN?

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