U.K. Just OK: Open Rates Are High, Click Rates Below Average

Don’t blame Brexit for it. But U.K. brands lag just slightly behind the global average when it comes to email marketing, judging by Campaign Monitor’s UK benchmarks report.

They lead on open rates with 18%, compared to 17.92% globally.  But in the other metrics they are lower. For instance, their average click-through is 0.9% (versus 2.69% worldwide) and their click-to-open is 13.2%, compared to 14.10% for the the global average.

At the same time, their average unsubscribe rate exceeds the global rate. — 2.4% to 0.17%.

Campaign Monitor released the global. results a few months ago, and the UK results were published on Monday by NetImperative. The company analyzed over 30 billion emails sent across 4.2 million campaigns it sent for clients in 2018.

As in prior reports, it found that the response rate depends on the day.

Monday is the best day for open rates in the U.K., with a 18.5% rate. The best day for click-through is Tuesday (1.5%), and for click-to-open rates Wednesday (2.6%).



The worst day for open rates is Saturday, which has a 17.5% average. Click-through rates hit their nadir on Wednesday with 0.6%, and click-through rates, on three days out of the week:  Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (2.3%). Unsubscribe rates soar on Wednesday, with 14.1%.

Globally, the best day for open rates is Thursday and the worst is Sunday. Click-through rates peak on Tuesday, and also plummet on Sunday.

By industry, here are the top U.K. achievers by open rate:

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting — 33.6%
  • Government — 26.5%
  • Nonprofit — 25.6%
  • Engineering, Architecture, and Design — 22.2%
  • A tie between logistics and wholesale & Real estate, Design, and Construction activities — 21.3%

The lowest average open rate is generated by healthcare service firms, at 14.30%.

The highest click-through rates are achieved by the Logistics and Wholesale field, at 3.5%. Agriculture and Forestry also score well, with 2.2% and construction with 2.1%.

The lowest click rates? That distinction appears to belong to Media, Entertainment & Publishing: 0.40%, followed by Food & Beverage (060%).

The best click-to-open rates are enjoyed by:

  • Real Estate, Design, and Construction — 19.3%
  • Media, Entertainment, and Publishing — 16.9% 
  • Government — 16.7%
  • Retail — 16.6%
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting: 14.4% 


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