Twitter Next Expands Brand Strategy Team, Adds Data And Content Specialists

Along with a rebranding, Twitter is expanding its Brand Strategy team in order to support additional functions within the company.

In addition to campaign and content strategy services and brand voice consultations, the newly named Twitter Next encompasses a lab of technologists, program managers, and designers.

Now in more than 20 markets around the world, the expanded team also includes specialists in engineering and data science.

Alex Josephson, global head of Twitter Next, said the team’s efforts are highly data-driven.

“Studying hundreds of millions of tweets per day, we listen to our audience to understand not just what’s happening today, but what will happen tomorrow,” Josephson stated.

Yet, while the name is new, Twitter’s brand strategy team is already a well-established resource for Madison Avenue.

Already this year, the team has more than 200 custom programs to its name, according to Josephson.



Some of the more notable efforts have involved highly experimental APIs, along with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and Twitter-powered knitting machines.

The team also recently began a beta-trial it calls a Brand Reminders platform, which lets advertisers set up auto-reply campaigns to notify fans about new content.

The team has already piloted more than 70 advertisers for sales promotions, movie trailer drops and TV tune-in announcements.
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