Downy Protects Michigan Coach Harbaugh's Khakis

Procter & Gamble's new multi-agency shop Woven, with teams from Grey, Marina Maher Communications and Woven's in-house media team, are channeling the intensity of legendary football coach, Jim Harbaugh, to raise awareness for Downy Wrinkle Guard.

This is the first time Downy has developed a campaign that’s more broadly reaching men as well as women.

The creative plays off Harbaugh's well-known enthusiasm for khaki pants (he told ESPN in 2017 that he would “never wear anything else” after discovering Lululemon brand khakis). Ads follow a young man who is tasked with making sure the Coach’s pants don't wrinkle throughout the season. The young man is shown training hard and being nearly as obsessed as Harbaugh in making sure the pants are perfect.

Sample the work here.

TV spots are slated to roll out during all of Fox’s football broadcasts, including "Thursday Night Football," "College Football Saturday" and "Fox NFL Sunday," all supported with social video and real-time responses across social media.





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