New Product Helps Firms Comply With CCPA, GDPR, Firm Says

Osano, Inc. is offering a data privacy platform that it says can help companies comply with regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR and store content for verification.

Using a 163-item ontology, Osano’s algorithms evaluate whether a company is transparent, whether it collects unnecessary data, how long it stores data and how easy it is to have data deleted on demand, the firm says.

The company’s services also include:

  • Vendor risk monitoring
  • Policy change detection
  • Vendor lawsuit alerts
  • Privacy law alerts

The product reflects recent changes in the regulatory environment. 

“The last 20 years, the Internet has been the Wild West, and between public opinion and government action when GDPR came into effect last year – that era ended,” states Arlo Gilbert, co-founder and CEO at Osano.

Gilbert says that “good privacy practices are symptomatic of a company that takes care of data and security as well.”




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