Subaru Establishes 'National Make A Dog's Day'

Subaru of America continues its longtime use of dogs in creative and expands its focus on hardest-to-adopt shelter dogs. 

A commitment to caring for pets is integral to the Subaru Love Promise and this year, Subaru is expanding its dedication by establishing National Make A Dog’s Day on Oct. 22.

Since 2008, the automaker has donated nearly $25 million to the ASPCA.

Working closely with the ASPCA, the automaker will champion special needs dogs, specifically senior dogs, amputees, visually and hearing-impaired dogs, and dogs with birth defects.

The automaker also invites dog lovers to do something special for their canine companions on this day and share content about what they've done at #MakeADogsDay.



To support the initiative, Subaru is launching a campaign from Carmichael Lynch, with dog-focused commercials airing throughout October across broadcast and digital platforms.

Four spots  -- "Honk,” “Rest Area,” “Car Wash” and “Lunch Stop” -- feature the automaker’s spokesdogs, The Barkleys, on their latest adventures. 

“We try to portray the Barkley family just like any other family. They just happen to be a family of dogs,”  Brian Cavallucci, national advertising manager of Subaru of Ameirca, tells Marketing Daily. “So like any family, they meet new friends along the way, like in the ‘Lunch Stop,' where they meet a family of dachshunds. In the ‘Rest Area’ commercial, we reveal that the Barkley’s have a pet of their own: a pet cat.”

Consumers can join the effort to help hard-to-adopt dogs by considering adopting a shelter dog, volunteering at an animal shelter, or participating in a Subaru retailer collection drive. 

A fifth spot, "The Underdogs,"  features the dogs needing the most help getting adopted.

"Dogs with special needs are often overlooked in shelters," says Cavallucci. With the new commercials, "we highlight their unique charm, help the world fall in love with them, and hopefully, get many of them adopted."

Throughout October, select Subaru retailers across the country will collect unused pet supplies and donate 5,500 shelter supply kits and 4,800 new pet parent kits to local shelters. More than 100 participating Subaru retailers will work in conjunction with animal shelters in their communities to host pet adoption events.

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