Fugue Supports Open-Source Policy Engine For Cloud

Fugue, a cloud infrastructure provider, is supporting Open Policy Agent (OPA), an open-source policy engine and language for cloud infrastructure, the firm announced this week.

OPA, which was accepted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in April, provides flexibility to user implementing custom enterprise policies. 

The arrangement allows Fugue clients to “use the same open language for defining their cloud infrastructure policies in Fugue that they are using for other enterprise policy needs,” states Phillip Merrick, CEO of Fugue. 

Merrick adds: “This eliminates the need to learn other vendors’ proprietary, inflexible policy languages.”   

One Fugue client says it is able to “build custom policies for our cloud infrastructure environments and validate those configurations pre-deployment using OPA and Fugue,” states Dave Williams, cloud architect and senior consultant at New Light Technologies.



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