Trump Campaign Sued Over Text Messages

The re-election campaign of President Donald Trump has been hit with a lawsuit for allegedly sending people unwanted robotexts.

Minnesota residents Dan Pederson, Connor Olson and Shell Wheeler allege in a complaint filed late last week that they recently received unsolicited text messages from Trump's campaign.

They say the messages violate the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which outlaws the use of autodialers to text consumers who haven't explicitly agreed to receive the messages.

“Trump For President routinely sends text messages to wireless telephones with automatic telephone dialing equipment without the wireless users prior express consent,” the trio allege in a class-action complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Minnesota late last week. “The TCPA strictly forbids spam text messages exactly like those alleged in this complaint -- intrusive text messages to private cellular phones.”

Wheeler says he received a message on Oct. 1 inviting her to a rally in Minneapolis, while Olson alleges that he received a similar message on Oct 3. Both messages contained links directing people to Trump's campaign page.

Pederson allegedly received a text on Oct. 16 urging him to contact an elected official over investigations on Capitol Hill.

“Enough hearings. Enough investigations. Let Rep. Craig know you stand with President Trump right now,” that message said, according to the complaint.

The complaint seeks monetary damages and an injunction ordering the campaign to comply with the robo-texting law.

Trump's 2016 presidential campaign was also sued for allegedly violating the text-spam law. That matter appears to have been settled for $200,000 in 2017, according to Politico.

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