Yahoo, Walmart Launch Holiday Campaign '30 Days of Savings'

With its recent turn to a new ecommerce strategy, Verizon Media is ready to launch an inaugural holiday campaign called “30 Days of Savings.”

The campaign launches Nov. 1 in partnership with Walmart and uses Verizon Media’s newly launched Yahoo Shopping ecommerce platform. 

Verizon Media’s strategy uses new tools and shoppable content across brands like Yahoo, HuffPost and TechCrunch. Shoppable videos, site-native buy buttons and “hot spot” technology are expected to maximize user reach.

“30 Days of Savings” presents consumers with a first look at five Walmart products and savings featured within editorial content each day during November. 

Editors will choose one of the top products and heighten its focus. The remaining four products appear in the same article. The editorial content features buy buttons; each deal will run on Yahoo LifestyleHuffPost and AOL with promotions on their homepages and social platforms.



The campaign will be promoted across social channels with the hashtag #JOYFUL30.

The Yahoo Shopping Hub features heavily in the campaign. Offering functions like price comparisons and alerts, product trending lists and curated lists from editors across the Verizon Media landscape, the hub can be used by Verizon Media partners to showcase items or create curated lists of their own.

In addition to editorial content and shopping opportunities across its brands, Verizon Media will dedicate a landing page on its Yahoo Shopping platform that features the Walmart program and products. 

In all, consumers will be presented with 150 products.

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