Survey: HBO Max Currently Lags In Awareness

As the streaming wars commence in earnest, 44% of U.S. adults of all ages report having heard “a lot” or “some” about Disney+, while 33% and 25% say the same about Apple TV+ and HBO Max, respectively, according to a recent survey conducted between October 24 and 28.

The nationally representative survey of 2,329 adults was conducted by The Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult between October 24 and 28.

Given that HBO Max won't launch until May 2020, 25% awareness could actually be interpreted as a positive indicator.

And awareness levels are bound to shift based on launch dates and marketing efforts. For context, the poll was completed three days prior to Apple TV+'s Nov. 1 launch and just as a blitz marketing campaign for Disney+ — set to launch on November 12 —  kicked off during the last week of October.

Like various previous surveys, this one also confirms that relatively few consumers currently subscribe to more than two streaming services.

Specifically, 65% of all adults report paying for one or two streaming services, with the average percentage dropping by roughly half for those paying for three to four services, and to just 5% for five to six services. Among those 30 to 44, just 4% subscribe to five or six.

Given that the monthly cost of subscribing to all four of the big new entries — Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+ and NBCU’s Peacock — will be about $45, not including the cost of internet access, all of the competitors “will need to get creative to turn these multibillion-dollar bets into profitable ventures,” notes THR.

Asked if they would be more or less likely to buy a streaming service if it included a discounted ad-supported option, 25% to 34% of each age group said they’d be “somewhat more likely to purchase,” with those 45 to 54 at 34%, and the youngest (18 to 29) and oldest (65-plus) both at 25%.

But between 14% (youngest group) and 27% (oldest group) said that they’re “not at all” likely to buy a service offering a discounted ad-supported option.

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