Technology Powers OOH Growth For 2020

Even as the biggest brands are capitalizing on its benefits, technology continue to change the OOH landscape.

Digital OOHWill Make Waves

Expectations are high for digital OOH growth, with more interactive and creative digital campaigns set for 2020. DOOH offers dynamic creative capabilities, allowing brands to change messaging based on any number of criteria, and offers the ability to create multiple content streams and deliver engaging content that leads to effective engagements. 

Brands can also leverage DOOH to display targeted, contextual messaging around events. In the coming year, brands will have more opportunity to follow the journey of their audience and use DOOH to deliver powerful messaging. 

Location Planning and Data Taken to Next Level

Heading into the new year, OOH will be more sophisticated and evidence-led, driving better performance and opening up opportunities to serve more relevant ads to more audiences with improved returns. As the move towards automation continues, OOH will benefit from access to device-level, audience data points, providing new insights about how people behave and can be reached on the go. 



Advancements in Automation 

Today, many platforms claim to offer programmatic OOH, but few, if any, actually sell any valuable inventory in real time. In 2020, programmatic OOH has the potential to be a real game-changer, as marketers will have the opportunity to make informed strategic bids using data, often with the added benefits of location planning and scalable rate negotiation 

Programmatic will help drive growth, accountability and creativity in a thriving OOH sector.

Improved Audience Measurement

Campaign planning and measured performance successes are a big part of the advertising picture. With the growth of technology, OOH is well positioned to deliver tangible information and data every step of the way. With mobile data readily available, along with the ability to plan against audience behaviors. OOH will deliver better-than-ever campaign ROI using relevant and measurable KPIs.

KeepPrivacy Laws In Mind

Privacy laws will continue to weigh heavily on U.S. marketers, brands and consumers, as the effort to ensure protection of mobile data and personal information continues to blur the lines between what is and is not allowed. Media planners will need to pay close attention to legislation and the potential financial impact of missteps. 

Tech Companies will Play Big Role

Tech giants have led the way in OOH spending. Expect smaller tech companies to follow their lead. The auto and pharma industries are primed to move into OOH, along with additional emerging categories governed by restrictive media regulations.

More Engaging Experiences for Consumers

Look for OOH providers to blend experiential and digital OOH offerings to reach consumers and drive action through both visual and physical engagement.

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