Mark Your Calendars, #ChooseWOMEN Wednesday Is Coming Up Quick

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) and BBH NY are hoping to spark a movement to celebrate women and their accomplishments.

The centerpiece for the #ChooseWomen campaign follows Thanksgiving's Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday by adding Wednesday as the day to celebrate all things female, such as shopping at women-owned businesses, reading books by female authors and listening to female musicians.

“Our ambition for #ChooseWOMEN Wednesday is to own December 4 as the day to celebrate and champion the women in our lives who are making an impact,” says Sarah Watson, Chairman, global Chief Strategy Officer, BBH NY.

In an attempt to build this grassroots social-media movement, BBH NY and WEDO are releasing a brand tool kit featuring an awareness film, social-media templates, posters, stickers, and branded merchandise at



The film, directed by Station Films’ Ssong Yang, serves as a rallying call-to-action. It shows hands selecting stones to metaphorically represent how women are able to choose to be only one person before these rocks are used to break the so-called glass ceiling.

The film is currently being pushed across social media. Later this month, it will be joined by AR filters with a breaking-glass effect to enable users to post their rallying moments via Instagram stories.

“By giving people a way to shine a light on the amazing things the women in their lives are doing and the impact they’re making on the world, the #ChooseWomen campaign is celebratory, action-oriented and forward-looking," says Watson.



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