Frontier Sends Emails Saying Flights Were Canceled, Then Says It Was A Glitch

Frontier Airlines rattled thousands holiday travelers last week with emails telling them their flights had been canceled or changed, according to media reports.

The airline apologized for the glitch late last Thursday. 

“This evening, a technical problem generated an email to some customers stating their upcoming flight had been changed,” the statement says. 

It adds: "This email was sent in error. We sincerely apologize. You may confirm the details of your trip by entering your confirmation number on our website."

Earlier, the budget airline advised thousands of customers, “Dear valued customer, Frontier Airlines has recently made a change that affects a portion of your itinerary,” the email read in part. “Please contact Frontier Airlines to speak with an agent about your accommodation options.”

Customers reportedly were alarmed by the prospect of their Thanksgiving trips being disrupted. Hopefully, the flight schedule will work out better than the email. 



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