Disney+ Sees Major Download Activity, Helping Other Streaming Services

Although since its launch Disney+ has been downloaded more than other streaming competitors, it does not lead by much -- for example, compared with Netflix.

Apptopia says Disney+ has been downloaded 22 million times from Nov. 12 through Dec. 10 -- but is right behind is Netflix at 18 million. Amazon's Prime Video is at 8 million, and HBO Now comes in at around 500,000.

In the U.S., Disney+ has been ranked at the top in both Apple's App Store and Google Play, Apptopia says. While analysts say this is impressive, they don't identify whether those rankings are actually for viewers/users.

Apptopia says Disney+ has had 9.5 daily active users since its launch and has generated $20 million. Disney+ is priced at $6.99 and in a package deal with Hulu (on-demand) and ESPN+, $12.99.

Disney+ got a major bump in a promotion deal where Verizon will give its customers a free subscription to the services for a year.



Analysts estimate Disney+ total subscriber numbers to be anywhere between 10 million and 16 million.

Since it launched, Apptopia says, Disney+ has boosted both owned and other streaming services -- Hulu installs are up by 46% over last month since Disney+'s launch (to 110,000); ESPN+, by 34% (55,000); and Roku by 57% (65,000).
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