New Branding Agency, Gestalt Brand Lab Launches

Chad Farmer and Brian Munce have launched Gestalt Brand Lab, a new creative branding agency with the mission of “bringing the powerful sum of simple and emotional brand strategy, story and aesthetic together to build brands with deeper connection and purpose.”

Based in La Jolla, CA, the duo previously toiled at Lambesis where Farmer was president and executive creative director and Munce was executive director brand management.

Lambesis’ work for athletic shoe and apparel company Airwalk was famously featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. Gladwell explained the role of Lambesis in the rise of Airwalk, which in part was linked to the concept that ideas can be contagious in a given population.

At Lambesis the pair also helped build brands like SKYY Vodka, Gold Peak Tea, Tacori and Bebe.

The new agency opens doors with a collection of brand assignments, including avocado and packaged goods brand, Chosen Foods (in partnership with Red Door Interactive), Elemental Superfoods and fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant, Luna Grill.



“Real branding is creating a unique story and aesthetic that people want to engage with every day,” said Farmer, who, in addition to co-founder serves as creative director at the new agency.  “We believe that a brand’s story and unique aesthetic must be inseparable, otherwise the brand becomes a collection of independent ideas without any real equity being built.”

In addition to core branding capabilities the agency says it brings a suite of specialist partners to the table, as needed, including performance marketing, digital and mobile, social media, cross-channel analytics and reporting, media planning and buying, and PR.

“Our partners are fully integrated into our brand development process,” said Munce, co-founder and managing director. “We are able to manage our client’s businesses and bring partners to the table when it is right for the brand.”


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