Will Programmatic Become Cool In 2020?

It’s that time of year when industry luminaries are frequently asked what they foresee happening trendwise during the next 12 months and Andy Bird, Chief Creative Officer at Publicis New York has some thoughts of the subject. 

“Somebody is finally going to make programmatic cool,” he quips. 

But the creative chief cautions that his trendspotting capabilities skew toward wishful thinking and thus should be taken with a “huge pinch of salt.” (Huge pinch or just a grain, taking some salt with most industry prognostications is probably advisable.)

And he wants to believe clients are going to invest more in creativity than ever before in the year ahead.

Bird is optimistic about Adland’s future. “There is “amazing work, ambitious clients, incredible young talent coming through, and agencies getting real about inclusion and opportunity,” he says. 

As for creative highlights over the past year, Bird says Spotify did some incredible work this year, not least the ‘Listen Like You Used To’ campaign. Also, ‘The Truth Is Worth It’ from The New York Times was "just brilliant," he says.






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