RAM: Into the VoIP

United Virtualities' (UV) software update to its free Hot Recorder VoIP recording program is compatible with Google's new instant messaging and free Internet telephone feature. Any user with a Google Gmail ID can download the search giant's free VoIP and instant-messaging product.

United Virtualities founder Mookie Tenembaum says that making Hot Recorder compatible with Google Talk is especially important because UV expects Google to become one of the top VoIP operators. "We know that very soon Google Talk will become the first or second largest VoIP operator," Tenembaum says. "They're the only ones that can compete with Skype."

Tenembaum acknowledges that Yahoo! also has a popular VoIP product, but says that only Google has what it takes to go up against Skype in the VoIP field.

Skype, a peer-to-peer voice service that enables consumers to make free calls over the Internet or to anyone else who has the software, and portals Yahoo!, MSN, and America Online, all have their own VoIP products.

They're all compatible with UV's Hot Recorder, which enables consumers to record, replay, search, and e-mail voice conversations held using VoIP.

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