RAM: Bulking Up

CBS Sports is bulking up its online presence, having recently announced plans to pool resources with CBS The goal is to make more sports content available on a 24/7 basis. Visitors to the combined site can access original video shorts from CBS SportsLine, along with content from the CBS Sports library. SportsLine is also rejiggering its home page to include a broadband video player, and will launch "glogs," or game logs that cover live sports events featuring live commentary, offered in real time.

In addition, new shows are planned featuring original video from CBS Sports and a show on fantasy sports leagues. A "Hot Topic" segment, hosted by sportscaster Greg Gumbel and former football player Dan Marino, is planned for viewing exclusively online. Advertising from companies like Nike and Visa will run before featured broadband content.

The announcement of the pooling of CBS Sports resources comes two months after CBS News announced a similar overhaul of its online properties into a 24-hour broadband network.

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