RE/MAX Brings In The Professionals For 2020

Although the earlier “Sign of a RE/MAX Agent” campaign and the slogan “Don’t Worry, We’ve Done This a Million Times” subtly tweaked its rivals, this year’s RE/MAX 2020 messaging more directly takes aim at disruptors and discount agents by humorously showing what happens when people don’t use full-time real estate agents.

The 2020 campaign — marking the fifth consecutive year of collaboration between RE/MAX and Camp + King— spans radio, digital, TV and social media outlets with 11 video concepts.

This year’s campaign also updates the custom video tool launched last year to allow agents to customize the national ad campaign assets throughout the campaign. Agents can tag these spots with their name, photo and contact information and a short message that relates back to the spot on the Hustle website.



Next month, RE/MAX will further enable personalization with a custom listing tool that will enable the network to create an ad spot specifically about one of their listings.

The latest RE/MAX campaign was unveiled shortly after the firm disclosed it had brought Tombras on board as its new media agency.


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