Consumers Warm To Shopping Tech

Consumers have expectations of ways technology can help them shop, but retailers aren’t always prepared to meet those expectations.

For example, more than half (54%) of consumers say they are likely to choose a retailer offering a self-checkout kiosk, but only 21% of retailers offer such kiosks.

These are among the findings in surveys of consumers and retailers conducted by enVista.

The majority (66%) of consumers say they are likely to select a retailer if it offers mobile coupons and promotion, while 51% of retailers offer them.

Location technology such as geofencing and beacons are helping retailers a bit, but there’s still a long way to go to effectively support in-store shoppers.

Along the purchase process, 18% of retailers can identify customers as they approach the store, 42% when they are in the store, 13% within the store before checkout and 27% at checkout. It’s much easier to identify online shoppers, of course.



Nearly half (42%) of retailer have implemented beacons, but half of those say they need improvement.

There are other gaps, in both directions.

While 54% of retailers offer mobile wallets, 39% of shoppers want them -- and while 43% of consumers are likely to pick a retailer that has wayfinding, only 21% offer it.

Consumers are gradually becoming more aware of the benefits of shopping technology. The market need now is to close the gap between what’s desired and what’s delivered.

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