Prepared To Be 'Whelmed' In Kissimmee, Fla.

Experience Kissimmee, the tourism bureau for the Florida city, is moving away from traditional tourism spots to instead introduce a 27-minute piece of branded content that plays like a travel documentary.

The “Finding Whelmed” film, developed with agency Zambezi and filmmaker Tyler Measom, follows a global travel show’s film crew as they go in search of their host, who has gone missing while “on assignment” in Kissimmee. Naturally the hunt requires these trackers to zip-line, frolic on the beach and engage in other fun Kissimmee activities as part of their search.

"Creating a tourism campaign around a condition of ‘perfectly Whelmed’ allows us to take potential visitors on a deeper journey of discovery,” explains Gavin Lester, partner, Chief Creative Officer, Zambezi. He adds this film provides “viewers with a taste of the unique vacation experience and state of being [Kissimmee] offers.”



The choice to make branded content in the form of a documentary — as opposed to something more traditional like a :30 TV spot — was inspired by “Kissimmee itself,” he says. “The documentary format gave us the freedom to show off Kissimmee the place, while exploring the feeling you get from its combination of relaxation and excitement.”

The long-form documentary is currently running on YouTube, the FindingWhelmed website and Amazon Prime. Trailers appear on Buzzfeed, USA Today, Amazon Prime, among other digital sites. There will also be social media support.

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