Conde Nast Drives Programmatic Ad Growth With Google

  • by January 28, 2020
Condé Nast, publisher of magazines such as Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair, boosted revenue from programmatic advertising as part of a collaboration with Google, the companies described in a case study.

The results are notable for a publisher like Condé Nast, which specializes in delivering high-income audiences to marketers of luxury products.

The partnership with Google signals how the programmatic ad market is evolving from the common practice of selling discounted remnant ad inventory to the highest bidder.

The case study doesn't disclose exact revenue figures, only saying that Condé Nast boosted its revenue by 93% and order volume by 41% in the past two years through its "programmatic guaranteed" program with Google.

The program lets advertisers buy from a selection of Condé Nast's digital ad formats, such as site takeovers and sponsorships. The offering includes Condé Nast’s Prime Time, which has more than 300 hours of content on video platforms such as YouTube and over-the-top streaming channels.



The publisher also is offering ad inserts on Prime Web, which consists of custom video- and commerce-enabled ad units from its in-house content studios. Prime Web is connected to Spire, Condé Nast's audience database of more than 800 million global viewers and readers.

The case study highlights how video advertising is a high-growth area for publishers branching into multimedia content. As cord-cutters connect their TVs directly to the internet and seek more video programming through over-the-top services, that audience is likely to grow in the next decade.

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