Squarespace Brings Winona To Winona In Its Latest Super Bowl Ad

Squarespace is marking its sixth Super Bowl spot by bringing Winona Ryder back to her hometown of Winona, Minnesota.

The 30-second spot, developed in-house, features Ryder sitting beneath the "Welcome to Winona" sign while a police officer asks her what she is doing. She replies she is building a website (obviously using Squarespace) featuring lots of pictures.

The ad will air between the first and second quarter. Ryder’s appearance kicks off the website developer and hosting company’s broader “Welcome to Winona” initiative that also includes the introduction of the website to showcase portraits, landscapes and other photos shot by the actress.

These photographs will also be turned into a book, naturally called “Welcome to Winona,” available for purchase on the website, with all proceeds supporting the American Indian College Fund.



In addition, Squarespace is offering residents and businesses of Winona a free year of its website hosting services.

“Growing up in a small town, you come to value the independent businesses that make a place like Winona thrive,” explains Ryder about her involvement. “Winona represents a lot of small towns and cities that aren't talked about as often or don't get as much attention. Helping to give a voice and a platform through Squarespace to this town is really wonderful.”

Ryder also appears in a longer-form digital video to more fully showcase the town and its residents as she wanders through it.

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