Q&A With Bareburger's Nick Bucciero

The marketing director will speak at MediaPost's Brand Insider QSR Summit taking place Feb. 16 - 19 in Scottsdale, Arizona. We caught up with him earlier this week.

Q. What is the most important idea you hope attendees will take away from your presentation?

A. Data is key. I would like to harp on how we obtain all of our data through one platform (Lunchbox) and how they made it so easy for us (Organization).

Q. What's next on your personal or professional agenda?

A. I am doubling down my focus for geo-targeted marketing. In 2020, we now have the ability to hone in on regionalized ordering, thereby targeting each guest based on their last order by ZIP code. We are also now able to target guests based off of how much loyalty credit they have with us. 

My next goal is to get one year's worth of data through our app and online ordering to see our average ticket. We just finished our brand new catering page, so the goal would be to target guests with average spends of $70+ and target ads for our catering page via email marketing, push notifications, etc.

Q. Which marketing challenges keep you up at night?

A. I have two: 1. managing all of our customer data and 2. finding out our balance between digital ordering vs. our foot traffic and finding that ROI (confirming how I know my digital ads are working and how food traffic is being measured). 

You can register now to hear from Nick as well as reps from Burger King, Jack in the Box, Bojangles, Carl's Jr., Farmer Boys, Melt Shop, Salt & Straw, and Mooyah. Click here! 
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