Verizon Media Targets Finance Hub 'Cashay' To Millennials, Gen Zs

Verizon Media’s financial hub Cashay launched today in partnership with the Financial Fitness Group. It's aimed at the millennial and Gen Z demos, hoping to demystify financial literacy by using real-life stories and easy-to-use tools.

Current stories include an exploration of how three young adults budget salaries between $48,000-$55,000, the effects of raising the minimum wage, and an exclusive data analysis on how much education debt a student should accrue.

The site is led by editor Janna Herron, an award-winning finance reporter, who is supported by reporters Stephanie Asymkos, Dhara Singh and Denitsa Tsekova.

“Millennials and Gen Z face real financial challenges that earlier generations didn't,” Herron told Publishers Daily. “From student debt and budgeting to saving for retirement and buying a house, they’re looking for informed and reliable resources to assist them as they meet new milestones that require major financial decisions.”



In addition to the site’s original reporting, Cashay features more than 400 pieces from financial literacy experts, as well as special reports and series from Yahoo Finance, another Verizon Media property.

Yahoo Finance has a strong legacy when it comes to financial news content. We were able to tap that brand’s knowledge to build an entirely new property focused on holistic personal finance at every life stage. It's what we’re referring to as financial fitness for new generations,” Herron said.

Some further brand crossover is expected across other Gez Z brands, such as Built By Girls, in addition to HuffPost and Engaget, also Verizon Media assets.

With the intent to inform and empower, Cashay also hosts a series of native tools and calculators that focus on college savings, debt, mortgages and budget, according to lifestyle.

“Our goal is to make managing finances accessible and motivating rather than complex and intimidating,” said Herron.

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