Millennial And Gen X Workers Spend Two Hours A Day On Email Tasks: Study

Office workers like email — almost 70% say it’s necessary for communication. But they have limits to the endurance, according to The 2020 Workplace Communication Report, a study by Spike. 

Of the millennial and Gen X workers polled, 40% of spend at least two hours a day on email tasks. That includes pitching new clients, selling products or brainstorming ideas. 

Over 65% read the subject line, but only 30% read the first sentence of a message.

In addition, over 25% feel that threads and chains get out of hand every day, and 30% deal with the problem more than once a week. They often feel they don’t need to be included.

And over 23% say email will be used less often in the future, while nearly 20% predict it will become identical to texting.

However, millennials and boomers are more likely to predict a decline in email usage, whereas Gen Xers say it will increase. 

Nearly 35% feel switching between communication platforms slows productivity. 

Spike -- a platform that helps workers chat, collaborate and manage their communications, including email, with an app -- surveyed over 1,000 users of email and other workplace tools. 

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