Trump Leads In Use Of Name By Email Scammers: Report

Whose name is most popular among email phishing artists? President Donald Trump’s.

The Trump name is used in phishing campaigns more than those of all other candidates combined, security firm Avanan found in a study, according to a report by Fox Business.

Among Democratic candidates, Elizabeth Warren has maintained her lead in phishing usage, despite a certain slippage in polls.

Of all the top candidates, Bernie Sanders has the lowest level of usage by scammers.

Joe Biden’s name usage increased when the impeachment trial began. And Michael Bloomberg’s name experienced a 250% increase after he announced his candidacy, the report states.   

Trump’s dominance in this is due to the fact that he “has the most name reception out of anyone, and he stirs up an emotional response,” states Avanan Director Dylan Press according to Fox. 

Avanan analyzed 1.3 billion emails sent to employees at 1,000 North American firms between last October and January 2020.

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